Apt Touch also provides consultancy and engineering design services, especially in areas related to:

  1. Mechanical engineering;
  2. Electronic engineering;
  3. Artificial Intelligence;
  4. Data analytics and visualisation;
  5. Transport technologies;
  6. Control & instrumentation

We also provides engineering and design services, particularly for customised products development. Previous works included:

  1. Customised automotive components QC test bench
  2. Customised electronic control units (ECU) for EFI system: 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines
  3. Traffic monitoring and analytics
  4. Novel intake system for a small petrol-fuelled engine

We also welcome collaborative research and development in the areas such as development of an efficient personal transport, hybrid systems, human-centred mobility and matters related to sustainable agenda. We also conduct business due dilligence study for new pre-commercialisation project.

Moreover, we have expertise in:

  • Curriculum development in automotive/mechanical/electronic engineering for certificate, diploma and undergraduate levels;
  • Programme accreditation for certificate, diploma and undergraduate levels

For knowledge-based problem solving, please kindly contact us via this email: 

Email: apttouch@gmail.com