We have a powerful motorcycle chassis dynamometer (dyno) from Mainline Dynolog Australia. This Mainline Dynolog MCD400L Series Motorcylce Dyno is currently the forefront of motorcycle performance measurement and evaluation. The dynamometer is well equipped with advanced software that can dilligently analyse the performance of the tested motorcycles.

Our dynamometer can assess and evaluate:

  • Road Bikes / Competition Bikes
  • Off Road / Trail Bikes
  • Custom Bikes & Choppers

Mainline Dynolog MCD400L key features:

  • Up to 300 kph / 186 mph test speeds
  • 940 Hp / 700Kw @ 300 km/h Power Rating assessment
  • Quality high capacity Frenelsa retarder (PAU – Power absorption unit)
  • Low inertia 405mm single roller design
  • High traction roller knurl (also suitable for off road knobby type tyres)
  • Front Wheel Clamp Assembly & Motorcycle Restraint Kit
  • Automatic weather station
  • Industry leading dyno controller and DAQ system
  • Steady state and dynamic power acceleration / ramp / pull / tests
  • Dynamic graph live to screen (graph up to 3 data channels simultaneously)
  • Graph over graph comparison tests ( Power / Torque graph over road speed or engine RPM)
  • Dedicated detailed graph data analysis screen
  • Digital data displays (Operator definable)
  • Wide band Air: Fuel Ratio / Lambda Meter – AFR, LAMBDA or Equivalence Ratio ( AFR Fuel Selections – Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG, Methanol, Ethanol, E10, E85 & Custom Stoichiometric)
  • Customised reports


  • 700Kw (940Hp) Power Rating
  • 1700Nm (1254ftlbs) Roller Torque Rating
  • 300km/h Maximum Test Speed